We give you a quotation by checking how much time and effort we need to complete your requests. Our quotation is always a fixed price, not an hourly rate. So the cost of your project depends on many things.

We built a Grav site for only $30 because the site has less content and the theme was pretty simple. We also developed some Grav sites for $200 or more because there were so many pages or because the themes were so complicated, so we needed to spend much time to complete the sites. The average cost of a Grav site we build is around $100. A simple site could be completed in only 1 working day or in a few days, but some sites may require more days, sometimes about 1 or more weeks.

To know how much your site, your theme or your plugin costs, please contact us and give us every idea and all the requirements you have, we will get back to you with our quotation.

Our quotation is in United States dollar. We only accept payment via PayPal and in United States dollar.

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