Grav & Flat-file CMS Development Services

Welcome to our website! We are 2 freelance website developers who focus on building websites with flat-file content management systems (CMS). We can help you build your next website with a flat-file CMS, our favorite one is Grav, Grav is the flat-file CMS which our clients trust and use.

HTML To Grav Conversion

If you have a HTML website, we can help you convert it to a Grav website quickly.

CMS To Grav Conversion

If you have a website built with a CMS (Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress...), we can help you convert it to a Grav CMS.

Custom Grav Theme Development

We can customize a Grav theme or build a new one for you.

Custom Grav Plugin Development

Build new plugins to add new features to your Grav site.

Grav Support & Maintenance

We can help fix problems and maintain your Grav site.

Flat-file Website Development

Don't like Grav? Let's build your site with your preferred flat-file CMS.

Why use flat-file CMS?

Database content management systems like Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress are great and popular. However if you want to build a small site and you don't have time to maintain it or protect it from hackers, using a flat-file CMS could give you faster, better and more secure website, save you time and money. Here are some advantages of a flat-file CMS:

  • Very fast: no database to query.
  • Simple to setup: upload a folder and your site is live.
  • Simple to use: just edit files with a text editor.
  • Easy to maintain: to backup your site, just copy its folder.
  • Security: no database, no vulnerability, no SQL injection attacks.
  • Flexibility: extend your site with plugins, use any front-end frameworks you like.

Why hire us?

There are many Grav and flat-file web developers, but these are why you could consider to choose us:

  • Fast delivery: we have experience in Grav and flat-file CMS, we can get the works done fast.
  • Fixed price: we quote your project with a fixed price, there is no hidden costs.
  • Free support: we don't charge for quotation request or support, feel free to email us at any time.
  • Bug free: even after we deliver the work to you and you discover some bugs, let us know and we fix them for with no extra costs.
  • High quality result: we test your site in popular web browsers, in all desktop, mobile and tablet; the code is well written; Grav's blueprints and languages are always available.
  • And the most important is We love Grav CMS and the simplicity of flat-file CMS. We always enjoy working with Grav and flat-file CMS.

Have A Question?

If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact us by using the form and the information below.

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